Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What a Transformation.

I'm not going to lie, the Transformers movies are seriously 2 of my favorites. (Admit it, you knew where this was going as soon as you saw the title.) I don't feel bad though, considering I'm one among hundreds of thousands that think the same. Seriously, think about it: you have your giant freakish alien robots bursting onto Earth's scene with their mega-ultra-fire cannons, their slick paintjobs, and the ridiculous ability to transform into what my brother refers to as "some of the sexiest cars ever." Add in some of these robots with a mean streak, a (gorgeous) helpless human stuck with the robots because of his great great (...) great grandfather, and a beautiful (...) girl, and you've got yourself one of the greatest action movies of all time. I wouldn't argue with that at all.
(Just re-read this. My Advanced Placement English teacher would probably attempt to kick me in the teeth with the Macbeth sword if she had read that. I apologize, Fer-Bear.)
You know, some people are weird. Normally, if you go into the movies and watch this, you talk about it for a while and then move on to something else. It is, after all, just a movie. But for some people, Transformers is more than a movie. I've talked to people - names withheld of course - who believe to a certain extent that a form of Transformers exist.
Now that's weird. I don't care who you are.
But if you think about it, all over the world people believe in, what seems to me, some crazy stuff. Different religions seems completely out there to me, as a Christian and as a normal teenager. So if you look at it, believing in Transformers isn't all that weird.
What's weird to me though, is that people can't believe in God. Alien robots transforming into hot rods? No problem. I saw that last week in the parking garage on campus, I swear. Only getting into "heaven" because Allah said I could by killing people? Of course it makes sense.
What? Are you kidding me? No it doesn't!
The only thing that makes that much sense to me is what I read in the Bible - the one book where you can find all the answers and truth you need. It lays everything out clearly and what isn't so clear, you could easily research or ask someone. It's not hard. Easy to understand. 100% believable. So why don't people buy it?
It's bogus, apparentally. Not easy to believe, when you could have cars switching on you like that.
So this is my next No Restraints challenge for you all. Really look at what you believe. You buy the Transformers bit? Cool. Lemme know when you stare long enough at your car and it switches into an Autobot. (If you're lucky.) Want to let me know about Allah or any of your other gods? Bring it on! Let me know, I'm curious and anxious to hear it. Then let me have my turn and tell you what I believe - the truth.
So, are you in?


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