Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Anything and everything.

A few weeks ago, something came to my mind as I sat at my church camp. I wanted to write, and I wanted to write NOW. Obviously, I couldn't, since I was at camp and away (mostly...) from all technology. I said that I would write when I got home, and for some reason, I didn't. Putting it off even further was easy too, because I said I didn't want to write anything on my home family computer and have someone read it. I'd wait for a bit until I got my laptop for college in the fall.
Still, though, something was telling me - you have to write.
So, I finally relented, and here I am. Writing. Can you believe it?
Sometimes I get a good idea that pops into my head. I toy with it a bit, and more than likely nothing comes out of it, seeing as how I'm normally known for being somewhat scatterbrained and, okay, I'll admit, extremely ADD. I'm not letting that stop me now.
I get youth lessons in my head - nothing major that the adult world would dive into with interest, but things that teenagers and pre-teens would maybe take an interest in and pay attention to - at least, as much attention that a teenager can give. I have song ideas - one in particular that's driving me insane, and has been throwing itself around in my mind the last few weeks. I wish I could actually write it, because then I would feel better. Something's holding me back though.
So that's what this blog is for. I'm not letting anything hold me back anymore. No limits. No rules. No restraints. Just me and whatever God decides to throw into my head, or whisper in my ear. If you're interested, awesome. Let me know. I'm in for an interesting ride, and it'll be great to have someone along.
Are you in?