Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Giant

My giant:
won't mind that my best friends are the ones I go to all of the time.
won't worry if I don't check up every hour with him.
won't be jealous if I talk to people without asking him first.
won't mind that I stick my feet in between his ankles if we're sitting together.
won't laugh - much - that I have the appetite of a teenage boy.
won't laugh - much - that all I tend to eat is chicken.
won't care that I sing and hum in the car - loudly.
won't mind me blasting the bass in my car on a good song.
won't be bothered by calling me goodnight every night.
won't be ashamed to talk to me in front of his friends.
won't be scared of me and all of my antics. 
won't be intimidated by my faith.

My giant:
will love God first and foremost.
will understand that I need to place God first in our relationship.
will hold my hand, always.
will help me and guide me in my walk with Christ.
will watch stupid movies like The Notebook with me.
will watch awesome movies like The Avengers with me.
will be a solid leader for our relationship.
will read the Bible with me and enjoy talking about it.
will sing with me in the car.
will play football with me when we feel like it.
will tell me how he's doing in his faith, every day.
will be there for me through everything, encouraging, loving, and supporting me every step of the way.

It's a daunting list.
He's out there somewhere, though,
with a list that looks like mine
waiting for me.

My giant:
the man God is waiting to place in my life at the perfect time, to let me be with forever and always.

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  1. Kimber, He is out there. Do not compromise. Praying for you AND your giant my sweet sister.