Thursday, May 3, 2012

Grace like Rain

grace like rain
falls down on me
washing away my sin, my shame, my secrets, my pain
all taken away by the one act 
that can never be replicated
but that i have taken for granted.
with your grace,
wash my head, cleanse me from thoughts that arent from you
wash my eyes, 
so i may see those you want me to reach
wash my ears, 
so i may listen for your voice
wash my mouth,
so i may speak only helpful, loving words, not ones of hate
wash my arms, 
so they may reach out to your hurting children
wash my hands, 
so they may touch others with your love
wash my knees, 
so i can bow and kneel at your throne without stains
wash my legs, 
so i can freely dance for you
wash my feet,
so i can walk on the path that you have called me to 
your grace like rain
falling down  on me
finally washing me clean

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