Thursday, January 5, 2012


Just a quick update for anyone who read about Passion in my last post. If you didn't get a chance to catch the sessions, I feel bad for you - they were incredible. I'm buying the all access pass to get them all for myself now, greedy me, but just so you know, here are some final numbers from here.
The goal this week was to raise 1 million dollars to help organizations against human trafficking and slavery. There are approximately 27 MILLION people in slavery right now - something I didn't know, and something many people don't know. That's the highest, ever. So Passion's goal was to raise 1 million dollars. Check out this tweet from the session they wrote today:
"...The total amount given at #Passion2012 was $3,660,670."
Can you say incredible?
They also raised $100K for what they're calling The Atlanta Project, which is a special task force right in Atlanta  focused on human trafficking prevention, education, and rescue.
All in a matter of days.
No challenge for this post, I just wanted to let you see how God's will was done this week. And to be the first to say, see you next year at the Dome!
Are you in?


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