Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Passion 2012

Right now in Atlanta something huge is going on in the Dome. Close to 50,000 people ages 18 to 25 are gathered in God's name for the Passion 2012 conference. As I type this, I keep stopping to follow as Beth Moore preaches through the passages in Mark and Luke that talk about the bleeding woman and her faith to touch Jesus to be healed.
I'm going to be selfish and make this a quickie post because Beth is blowing my mind and I can't type notes on my Bible on my Nook and type this on my laptop at the same time. 
Your NR challenge is to spend some time and check out these sessions. Every one this week will be streamed live and then available for a while online for everyone to check out at home. Watch them. Wait for God. You never know what can happen. I know that I've already been changed, you could be too.
Are you in?


Session 1 - Only available until 1/4/12!
Session 2 - Only available until 1/4/12!
Session 3 - Only available until 1/4/12!
Session 4 - Only available until 1/5/12!

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