Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Love My Husband. Right?

I spent the evening at my friends' house last night. They no longer go to my church because they now are serving on staff at a new church nearby, but we didn't want to end our small group time - aka, get coffee, eat cookies, and fill everyone in on what's happened since we last saw each other. Considering we haven't since before finals started in December, there was quite a lot to fill people in on. I talked about going to Passion in Atlanta, Georgia last week and how incredible that was, my friend BDubs talked about her life, and my friend Danetta talked - a little - about her life, until she was forcibly removed into the car to leave.
Before we sat down and actually started talking, coffee was necessary. I blame Angela for getting me hooked on coffee in the first place - I never drank it before I was her friend, and now I drink it (if it's more creamer than coffee...) all the time. She brewed me up a cup of gingerbread coffee (delish) and handed me the mug - which is when I started laughing. Sarcastically laughing of course, because this is what I do. Why? Angela had given me this cup:
I love my husband.

Now, obviously, everyone in the house started laughing. The thought of Kimber having a cup that said something that related to A) a relationship, B) a male, and C) Kimber being in a relationship with a male naturally leads to something comical and cat related being said within the next few minutes. (It happened. 30 seconds.) 
After I got home, I started laughing again at the picture. But then I got to thinking - do I really love my husband?
Yes, I don't know him. Or, if I do, I don't know what guy he is. (If I know you and you have an idea, feel free to share the news anytime. Seriously. Like now.) (Right now.) I've been single for a year now, and haven't gone on a real date or had anything serious during that entire time. Sure, I had some feelings for one or two guys but God shut those doors in my face both times - and I'm thankful now that He did. Those are two less doors I have to face until I find my husband.
I remember going to some sort of youth convention - Silver Ring Thing, maybe - where they were selling shirts that said something like "I love my husband - and I haven't even met him yet." That's so true. After thinking of all this, and realizing what I just shared, it hit me - I guess I really do love my husband.
Jeremiah 29:11. One of the easiest verses to remember in the Bible - coincidentally, it's one of the most used and most shared. God has a plan for us, a plan to give us hope. A plan to give us a future. Hopefully, in my future is a husband and not a life filled with cats. (Do I sound bitter yet?) Until I meet him, then I'll be here, loving him right where I am.
I don't really like New Year's Resolutions, but I guess this could count as more of a prayer than a resolution. I'm promising my future husband to let this year be his, and His. I'm not gonna focus on looking for my husband this year. I'm going to let God put him in my life, whenever He feels is best. I'll have to work on my patience - a lot - but it'll happen. I hope.
But what if it doesn't? Then I'll still be here, loving my husband. Except this time, if it's not a real guy on earth, then I'll be waiting for a heavenly husband. God says that the church - us - is His beautiful bride, and He dotes on us like a bridegroom does on His wedding day. Maybe I won't wear the wedding dress during my life on earth. If I don't? Oh well. I'm not too concerned. I'll be wearing mine in heaven as I meet the one man who loves me more than any person on earth ever could, anyway - Jesus.
Are you like me, waiting for your significant other to be placed in your life by God, complete with a flashing neon lit sign? Are you getting lonely and wishing for that relationship with another person? If you are, don't give up. God knows whats best for you. If He has someone out there for you, they'll come when He wants them to, and not a minute before. If He doesn't? Then get ready for a life filled with adventure with God, complete with a life in heaven with Him. Either way, it'll be awesome. Just trust Him. He knows what He's doing. Just sit back, grab your Bible and some coffee (and a great mug) and dive into His promises. Who knows what will happen in the adventurous life that God has planned for you?
Are you in?


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