Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Kimber Saga.

A peek into my life, coming soon.

I've been thinking a lot about this blog lately, about future posts and what I could say and how to word posts I have drafted. I kept having a little idea, but I kept pushing it off as soon as I thought of it. "Share your testimony," my brain said. "Someone may need to hear it." No, I thought, no one needs to hear it. I'm just thinking that myself. So I dropped the idea. Then, today, my English prof. asked about my blog - of all things to ask about! Wild! He asked if anyone followed it, saying, "I'm sure everyone wants to follow the life of Kimber. It seems to be entertaining." I told him what my blog is really about - not me at all, more like mini youth lessons or things like that, that are focused towards my age and younger. I don't ever talk about myself - heck, it's in the sidebar description of the blog: I'm not talking about myself. But still, when he said that, it was pretty weird. It was like the little voice came back and said, "See, stupid? About your life - THAT'S what you need to write about. YOUR story."
So, long story short, that's what these next few posts will be about - me. My testimony. My story. Some of it isn't pretty, a lot of it is boring, but hopefully, there will be that one person out there who wants to hear it and needs to hear it. Hopefully God guides them to this page and lets them read what I have to say about what I've gone through and think, hey. Maybe I'm not alone. So, my story will be told in short bursts of whatever I can think of. Stories from my life, hopefully set to something that makes sense.
Your NR challenge for this ridiculously short quickie post is only this - if you'd like, read the up and coming posts. They're going to be tough to write, because what person wants their life displayed, especially on the internet? It'll be coming soon, though. I can only pray that you possibly may get something out of it.
Oh, and as a second mini challenge, I would appreciate some prayer. God needs to back me up on this, and I need the guts to tell it. Thanks, guys.
Are you in?


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